Permission to Pause

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Is there a voice inside you worrying about whether you’ll get picked for the team? Or be allowed to stay? Is there a part of you that loves the life you’ve built and another that is clear you’ve reached the end of an arc? Are you stuck in an old story about the life you should have or want that is no longer true or serving?

When we find ourselves in the grips of worry, doubting ourselves or negotiating with the universe to bring us the new management team or spouse that might make the hard decision for us, we are probably at the end of an arc, overly attached to one identity, and/or in the grips of uncertainty. To loosen our grip or let go is terrifying because what’s beyond that feels too uncertain and unknown.

The opportunity here is to embrace the process, to name and honor the arcs and endings of our lives, get present and turn toward creating who we are and what we REALLY want, now.

If you want to feel vital, vibrant, successful and relevant inside and out for the rest of your life, you can. It begins with a decision, a willingness to pause and a desire to explore. Here’s what happened when one client found the courage to slow down, look within, get real and reconnect with who and what mattered most in his life now.

If you want to learn more about how to harness the power of pausing, identify and engage your parts and love your life, no matter what life brings, go to or contact Dori Klass for a complimentary “Get What You REALLY Want” Exploration Session.

About the Author

Dori Klass

Dori Klass is a Corporate leader (20+ years), successful entrepreneur (since 2003) - executive coach and organization development consultant - with over 30 years of leadership experience. She currently coaches professionals who are successful but facing, or seeking, change.