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Dori Klass Client Stories

Are you struggling with a decision? Are you paralyzed by too many options and behaving strangely because of it? Are you noticing yourself feeling wishy washy or ambivalent, operating from an “either this or that” perspective?

If you find yourself feeling uncharacteristically indecisive, flip-flopping between extreme possibilities, or, worse, making spontaneous decisions that have far-reaching and negative consequences, you are probably stuck in an either/or perspective and facing a mid-life crisis, which is actually an invitation to pause and have a meaningful conversation with yourself and your most active parts.

We are made up of many parts and each has a unique set of qualities and attributes that serve if we are conscious. It helps to know this and decide which parts of us should be in charge, when, why and how.

Our internal parts are wise and persistent. When they become tired of being ignored, sooner or later, they will become unruly and demand our attention. Learning how to turn inward and listen to them is key to our personal development, spiritual growth and effectiveness, fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction in all parts of our lives.

Here’s what happened when one client slowed down long enough to get acquainted with the parts of him that were active and wanting attention, when he established a healthy relationship with his parts and aligned them with his values and his vision for his outer life. See if his story contains wisdom for you.

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Dori Klass

Dori Klass coaches successful mid-career professionals, leaders in the work place and the home, committed to growing, learning and showing up powerfully and consistently, no matter what life brings; leaders who intend to be the role models they always wanted and want to make the most of their reach and impact while they can. Dori is a successful corporate leader (20+ years), entrepreneur (since 2003), certified coach and organization development consultant with over 30 years of leadership experience.