"21st Century Leaders don’t change who they are,
they become who they are."

~ Dori Klass

Like all of our clients, we are committed to lifelong learning, to optimizing our gifts and channeling them in service to others, life and the planet. Please make yourself at home here and enjoy learning in myriad ways.

Everything here is complimentary. All it requires is a bit of your time, energy and curiosity.

You will find recommended reading lists organized around my five guiding principles and links to additional resources, some downloadable from me. FYI – I will be featuring a book a month at this location, to include an occasional live discussion circle, Q&A sessions, and book notes, so subscribe to my newsletter for notices
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Our video learning library is growing and will be available both here and on our YouTube channel. I am committed to answering your questions in livestreams and sharing as much as I can from my own (and still very active) journey to wholeness.
I look forward to learning from you too. 

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