I am dedicated to bringing some of the wisdom of my life’s work, healing and thought leadership to anyone who wants to develop more self-awareness, self-leadership and self-mastery in this lifetime.

Whether you engage with me or not as your coach, mentor or consulting partner,
I’ve created this video library for you.

The Dori Klass rebrand Launch Party, recorded live on March 9, 2022.

While my husband and I are lifelong learners committed to maximizing the gifts God gave us and helping those we are best suited to serve, perhaps one of the upsides of aging is appreciating that I have learned a lot and realizing that I have wisdom that might matter to others. Owning, embracing and sharing this hard-earned wisdom even as I grow (and still have much to learn) has become part of my calling.

My commitment to share what I’ve learned (often, the HARD way) is a way to give back, to make meaning of my own life, and leave a legacy. I have chosen to do so, primarily, through these complimentary videos, mostly informal and relatively short, for you to listen to, learn from and share. I hope they are useful to you and inspire you to acknowledge, embrace, own and share the many gifts that are in you.

Here, we are the ACORN, the MIGHTY OAK and the GARDEN (all that we are seeded for)…that’s the abundance that is possible when we awaken, become conscious, skillful and whole.

Keep on learning, seeking clarity and sharing what you are learning with self-compassion, self-confidence and conviction…this kind of generous, mindful competence is at the heart of self-mastery and being a Whole Person with Whole Power. Thank you for being here.