"Find out who you are and do it on purpose!"

~ Dolly Parton

Become more of the whole,
empowered person and
purposeful leader

you aspire to be.

Whether you’re on a journey to grow and evolve or you want to reinvigorate the life and roles you are in; trust that voice inside that brought you here in this moment.


Most of us have at least one or two people in our lives – leaders in our personal and professional circles – who we’ve cherished knowing and remembering. Whether they gave us tough love or compassionate demand, promoted us or fired us, celebrated with us or held us in our grief, we grew in their midst, grateful for their attention, example, guidance, empathy, expertise and wisdom. We trusted and respected them because they were genuine, calm in the midst of the chaos, consistent, knowledgeable, heart-centered and values-centric. Because, in our hearts, in addition to the goals and objectives of the day, we knew they cared. They called us forth and helped us to know ourselves better while getting great work done.

“A leader is a leader not because of who they are but because of who others become in their presence."

~ T. Falcon Napier

Shaping 21st Century Leaders

At Dori Klass & Associates, Inc., we partner with seasoned and successful professionals to become even more of the empowered and visionary leaders that they aspire to be. We help them to step off the path of do, do, do – a clear road to burnout and dissatisfaction – and onto a path of do, pause, do — where they harness the powers of the pause, intention and conscientious self-leadership. This is the path of inner integration, wholeness and deep fulfillment. This is how they lead, live and love with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, commitment and creativity, essential for leadership in the 21st Century.

21st Century Leaders know that everything we do is enhanced and enriched when we tend to who and how we are being. We live and breathe this. We believe that this self-awareness and self-leadership can be learned, cultivated and mastered. It is the stepping stone to self-mastery and what turns us into the role models who lit the way for us.

21st Century Leader Offerings

All programs are customized to meet your and your business’s specific needs.


“I don’t believe that inspired leadership comes from following a simple, how-to formula for success or through momentary insights gleaned from a book or a singular motivational event. Instead, inspired leadership comes from journeying deep within to know yourself and being free to be who you are – free to bring your Whole Self to your life, work and relationships. It comes from knowing what you’re seeded for, aligning with your core values, showing up as you intend and sensing that you’re on your own right path.”

To know this, or create it, you must awaken!




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