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Are you struggling with a significant event, loss or transition in your life – health, relationship, career? Are you feeling stuck and out of control; dominated by external factors and forces? Unable to move forward positively and meaningfully?

Perhaps you’re in the middle of a chemo regimen, a divorce or a job change – you’ve read books, gone to therapy, hired a coach…and still, nothing’s changing? You can’t see the future – you really can’t imagine it?

You are probably in a perspective that is not serving. Until you explore this, and choose to stand in a perspective that serves who and where you are now, you will most likely remain stuck, focused on (and getting) the very things you don’t want.

If you are facing an ending, and gripped by the terror associated with that prospect, it is easy to fall into a perspective of “quit and stayed.” For most of us, it happens unconsciously, insidiously. It’s time to make this conscious and choose a perspective that will serve you now.

When you do this, you will be in a position to choose differently and powerfully and begin moving forward again. And you will be back in charge.

The opportunity to get unstuck, move forward and love your life, for however long life allows and no matter what life has brought you at this time, is real. Here’s one person’s story about how that can happen. See if it contains wisdom for you.

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Dori Klass

Dori Klass is a Corporate leader (20+ years), successful entrepreneur (since 2003) - executive coach and organization development consultant - with over 30 years of leadership experience. She currently coaches professionals who are successful but facing, or seeking, change.