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One of my mentors from long ago, shared with me something that I have never forgotten: “Don’t rush when you are creating or imagining. Resist going to strategy too soon.”

What I’ve learned through this process of contemplation and spaciousness, is that if I am open to what life wants for me, I’m far more likely to achieve both the simple and stretch goals that I set for myself and that are informed by this contemplation and understanding.

While this event was designed as a contemplative process to support the transition between years, it is timeless. The conversation, questions and wisdom shared are applicable to any transition.

Whatever your goals or intentions, I promise you, life will be more beautiful, calm, peaceful, and satisfying, if you make time to pause, imagine, anchor in, and welcome your deepest desires.

Enjoy this recording, the context, conversations, questions and practices offered to help you step into this New Year or whatever new beginning you are anticipating with inner calm, confidence, clarity and discernment.

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