Do you feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied?

Are you showing up as a sliver of yourself?

Are your most important relationships in crisis or much less satisfying than you know they can be, beginning with the one with yourself?

My 3-Step Guide to Wholeness is a stepping stone to feeling whole and satisfied, instead of disconnected and dissatisfied.

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I’m Dori Klass and I help people to build thriving, intimate relationships.

Hi. I’m Dori Klass and I help people to build thriving, intimate and healthy relationships in alll parts of their lives. I’m a spiritual teacher, professionally trained and certified coach, happily married wife, mother of four boys and former corporate executive. I help successful professionals in mid-life/career, often in relationship crisis, to create harmony in their most important relationships, beginning with the one with themselves, to make room for more joy in their lives, to stop feeling fragmented and exhausted, disconnected and dissatisfied, to start feeling alive, well and in charge, and bring all of themselves into all parts of their lives. Through my signature program, Whole Person | Whole Power™ (WP|WP™), and related offerings, I’ve helped over 1500 people to begin that journey back home to their true selves, to show up as they intend and feel connected, satisfied, successful, at peace, and fulfilled again.

If you think you might be a fit for this exclusive and intensive, one-to-one coaching and mentorship program, I invite you to apply for a complimentary “WP|WP™” Exploration Session with me here

If you are not quite ready for the deeper dive, I have a number of shorter-term, high-quality, high-value offerings that might be of interest to you. Curious? I invite you to book a complimentary “Make Room for More Joy” Breakthrough Session with me here…