Making Love 24/7 — week 2

Dori Klass Making Love 24/7

Prepare to be expanded! How might you make a positive difference for someone in your life today, right now, or in the next few minutes?!? Read on for a bit of inspiration: As I hung up the phone around noon today, after a long morning of calls, a message from my husband popped up on my phone (see screen shot …

Making Love 24/7 — week 1

Dori Klass Making Love 24/7

When your ‘baby’ has a long overdue septoplasty (to repair the damage of numerous broken noses during years of wrestling and a physical lifestyle) and his father, brothers, Abbie and Kylie set the day aside to ‘simply be there!’ It’s a beautiful thing! Permission to pause and just be present…it’s so much more than enough…it’s love in action! Thank you …

Arches National Park |

What Will Be Left As A Testimony To Your Story?

Dori Klass Leadership, Self-Awareness

Our stories / your stories matter. On day 7 of our 14-day tour of National and State Parks in Arizona and Utah, my husband, Michael, and I enjoyed Arches National Park, in Moab, Utah. In the guide to the park, they highlighted that each of the 2000 arches catalogued has its own lifespan, timespan and story. None will be here …