WooHoo! What do you think?

WooHoo! I’ve entered the 21st century with a new website, thanks to the amazing Anna Marie Martin, of www.servingupbusiness.com! CHECK HER OUT! And, check out my new website at www.doriklass.com. It’s a work in progress so keep checking in as I will be adding a recommended reading list, blog posts and some fun stuff you won’t want to miss. Opt in and you’ll get regular communications from me so you won’t miss anything. My intention is to add at least one new Conversation Starter Story & Discussion Guide per month to the Resources section – you’ll love them and you’ll become a more skilled, gifted and effective parent as a result of reading them, engaging others in discussions, and integrating what you are learning. These will be FREE in 2012 so get them while they’re hot and FREE – stay tuned.

WooHoo! I got to participate as a guest host/speaker on my first, internet radio show with the amazing Ally Loprete, of www.ourmilkmoney.com and www.thislittleparent.com on her This Little Parent Stayed Home radio show dedicated to helping parents stay at home with their kids while still participating in the work force and contributing income to their families from home. We just did the show a few minutes ago and it was fun! Ally and her team make it all work and seem easy but I know better. It takes a lot to pull all the pieces together and make it flow, like a great relay race. Thanks to all of you for a great first experience and a special thanks to Ally. If you are a work-from-home parent, register yourself and your business on www.ourmilkmoney.com – it’s a national directory of self-employed parents offering products and services in your community. Buy from other self-employed parents first and help them stay in the home while also providing for their families.

WooHoo! My husband’s home and we’re going out on a date tonight! In light of all the madness in the world, whether it’s happening in Syria or Colorado, there is nothing more important right now than to spend quality time with loved ones and let them know, while we can, that we love them, that we have their backs, that we care, that they matter, and that they’re safe with us. We must all do this, right now. Don’t just think about it, do it. Go give someone a hug, call an old friend, just smile and say hello, say ‘I love you’ like you mean it, and mean it. Then do it some more. The world needs us to fill it with our love. Each one of us can make a difference, right now, by actively loving our selves and one another. Do something loving today and pay attention to how it feels. Nice. We all need more of that.

With love,


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Dori Klass & Associates, Inc. is a consultancy and coaching practice committed to providing a unique blend of professional coaching and leadership development consulting to companies, leaders, educators and parents who want to lead at a higher level, who want to build great family and work environments through coaching, and who want to enhance performance and encourage overall well being on many levels, personally and professionally. We are guided by our purpose, which is to transform lives, families and work teams through coaching, consciousness, personal leadership, love and meaningful action.

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