Success Stories

“Dori is intelligent, compelling and compassionate. She was my guide on a path that provided me with the insight and impetus in helping me realize the opportunity for a major change in my life and to take me from a place that I had been for far too long. I was encouraged to explore my past, examine the truth and reaffirm my values. Through this process, I was able to develop the confidence to make incredibly new and life-changing decisions that have brought me great joy and happiness.”

Al Bartel


“I have worked with Dori for the last six months and they have involved the most compelling and thought provoking work that I have done to date. Working with Dori has allowed me to go courageously into my dreams with the compassion and intention that I have missed before. She has created a safe and courageous space for me to transition from observer to participant in my life and work, which has been inexplicably liberating.  I find myself literally leaping from one problem to the next and moving through each quickly, with clear observation, intention and action. This has allowed me extraordinary freedom to create a future self, committed to a belief that I am an integrated and valued part of life on this planet.”

Linda Bedrosian


“Dori is one of the most intuitive persons I have ever met or with whom I have worked. That quality combined with her uncanny ability to ‘see’ behind surface issues to the heart and bone of the matter are part of the many reasons Dori has been my coach for more than 4 years. She is completely committed to the indirect method of coaching; that is, she holds that questions are at the center of all coaching. Rarely, and only with my permission, does she offer advice or counsel. This trait is crucial to effective coaching and truly empowering to me as her client. In addition, Dori is completely open to trying any technique that is in service of moving me more deeply into action and/or learning. For example, I have been coached with my eyes closed, while lying constricted, then relaxed on the floor, and standing on a chair, to name only a few of the different perspectives Dori has enabled within me during various coaching sessions. Her signature coaching work, I believe, is with respect to her narrative technique used to mine core values in coaching work; she ‘invented’ the technique and it has proven to be one of the most impactful, important, and useful processes with which I am familiar. Finally – and I wish there were a more expressive word than this – Dori is such a giving coach. By that I mean, when she is coaching, she is completely in service of her client; she keeps extensive notes and remembers even the seemingly smallest of details, always and in all ways, to the full benefit of her client. I am delighted and honored to recommend Dori as coach cum laude to any client, executive, or other level. She is first ‘klass’ in every respect.”

Don Irwin-Morrow


Dori will lead you down paths you never expected to travel in order to get to places you’ve always wanted to go and be the person you’ve always wanted to be!

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