The Living Life Series™

A 10-Part Program Focused On Character Building & Enhancing Well Being

  1. Choice Management – Control Your Choices/Control Your Life (to the extent any of us really has control) – Acquire valuable tips and tools to manage time and activities for a less hectic life.
  2. Stress Is Not A Four Letter Word! – Learn the truth about stress, its origins, and how to manage it to healthy levels. There is such a thing as productive tension – we want this!
  3. What Do You Stand For? – Part I – Where do your beliefs come from that drive your behavior? Gain insights into how to harness their power.
  4. What Do You Stand For? – Part II – Receive tools to help you identify your guiding principles that will set your standard for living a life of balance and vitality.
  5. Supercharge Your Life! Become Your Own “Chief Energy Officer” – Learn the science of energy renewal, eliminate fatigue, increase productivity, and re-engage in a more effective way.
  6. “No” Is A Complete Sentence – It Doesn’t Require An Explanation – Learning how to say NO in a YES culture will build a foundation for self-discipline, self-respect, and other traits that lead to a happy and more productive life.
  7. Less Is The New More – Here we question the ethic of more, bigger, faster that creates a narrow, shallow, and short-term form of satisfaction.
  8. Work And Personal Satisfaction – Do you have a job, a career, or a calling and how does this affect your total wellbeing?
  9. Positive Psychology And Total Wellbeing – The science of positive psychology proves that there is a direct connection between our state of mind and our total wellbeing. Learn why and how it is possible to shift both.
  10. Yes Virginia, It’s All About The Environment! – Achieving career, social, financial, physical, and community wellbeing hinges on the environment you choose to create utilizing all of the tools from the Living Life Series. They’re all brought together here.

We can deliver the entire series at once or one module at a time, as desired.