Matters of Feedback™ – A Powerful Model For Giving Feedback In A Way That It Can Be Heard & Acted Upon

Our emotional brains kick in when feedback is about to be given. Our instincts take over and the fight, flight or freeze responses kick in. After all, we have to brace ourselves for the danger, right? It’s about survival, right? Well, feedback gets a bad wrap and those who give it get a bad wrap too. Often, they break into a sweat almost as bad as their recipients. This course, typically a ½-day program will help participants learn a powerful model for giving and receiving feedback, one that has respect, enhanced performance and a desire to inspire, expand and grow a person at its center. Whether you’re giving feedback to your child, your spouse, an employee, your neighbor or your manager, you will be heard and they will be glad you cared enough to share in a way works, that affirms and honors the relationship and each person, and that is aligned with an overarching intention. If we were betting people, we imagine that you will look forward to getting feedback by the time you are done!