Essential Partnering: The MAGIC Formula™

The 5 Core Sets of Practices Observed in High Functioning Families, Work Teams, Relationships and Organizations

Leo Tolstoy said, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
Every family, within a home, at work or in the community, no matter how great it is, how effective its leaders, or how well things are working now, is vulnerable to decline, especially today. Every parent, no matter how hard s/he has tried to control his/her environment is vulnerable to internal forces, external factors, stress of all sorts, and societal shifts and trends. No matter how successful they have been at raising their children to date, parents are constantly competing for the hearts and minds of their children. No matter how successful corporations have been, they are constantly competing for the hearts and minds of the best employees and customers. The competition is fierce, unrelenting and “on,” 24/7. 21st century parents and leaders are exhausted. So, what are they to do?

Well, we have good news! As a result of over two, combined decades of work with many families, adolescents and work teams that were thriving and many that were in crisis, we have observed the following: No matter what the circumstances, challenges or make-up of the family unit, successful, high functioning and genuinely happy families and teams have five sets of (excellent parenting and/or partnering) practices, in common.         These practices are observable, consistently present and reproducible, which means they can be taught, learned and applied by you in the context of your world and in service of your desires: to be the best parent you can be, to have more harmony in your home, work place and core relationships, to build and lead a happy, healthy family or work team of your own, and to successfully develop your leadership pipeline or launch your kids into the world. These excellent parenting/partnering practices are taught in our system called: The World Class Partnering & Parenting MAGIC Formula™, where M stands for Mindset, A stands for Agreements, G stands for Guiding Principles, I stands for Influence, and C stands for Creating Sacred Connections. These represent sets of practices that have universal value and application and that, when learned, honed, integrated and present, have the ability to enhance performance and enhance lives in ways you’ve barely dared to imagine.

This is a six-part workshop series, which includes these five modules and a kick-off module designed to orient participants, conduct and incorporate assessments, set the tone and do basic training to enhance the process during the content modules. Ideally, each part is delivered in a ½ day setting, conducted once a week, in order to make time for learning and for practicing and integrating the learning. There are as many ways to deliver this material as ideas you have.