Desperate Requests: Interpersonal & Relational Skill Building™

The 7 Key Interpersonal Skills Every Person, Parent, Leader Should Know & Master
Diana Sterling, in her book, Parent As Coach©, shares a poem she created in response to hundreds of hours spent working with teens and bringing coaching into high schools. The poem, entitled A Message To Parents, highlights the seven desperate requests of teens, what they want and need most from their parents. When these requests are honored, they feel loved, empowered, emboldened and more prepared to enter and succeed in an adult world. What we’ve found is that, like our teens, adults have a deep need to be seen, heard and validated as well. Adults are feeling as isolated and as vulnerable as the teens in their homes and in their midst. Somewhere along the way, we lost touch with the core, relational skills and behaviors that build character and strengthen relationships even in the midst of disagreements and tough times. We have adapted Diana’s work for use with adults in both professional and personal settings. This program can be delivered in seven, separate modules or in ½ or full-day programs. The skills are universal and apply in any setting or context, at work or at home or in the community. It should be required of all school aged kids and their parents. Learning and practicing these interpersonal skills and integrating them into your DNA and the fabric of your life will change your life and every relationship you are in for the better forever, beginning with the one with your self.