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Our workshops assist you in seeing yourself as a leader in your own life and work. Through experiential, fun and deep work, you will hone and develop essential leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. This core work will enable you and your kids, team members and colleagues to lead at a higher level and use your power for greater good, in service of yourself and others.

Know Your Self to Be Powerful And Use Your Power Well (KY2BP™) – A Fun & Powerful Step Into Self-Discovery

Women in Transition (WIT™) — How Good Can You Stand It? – An Opportunity to Pause, Take a Deep Breath, Reframe and Get On Purpose

Just One Thing (JOT™)—Focus and Go Deep – A Key To Mastery

Matters of Feedback™ – A Powerful Model For Giving Feedback In A Way That It Can Be Heard & Acted Upon

Desperate Requests: Interpersonal & Relational Skill Building™ – The 7 Key Interpersonal Skills Every Person, Parent, Leader Should Know & Master

Essential Partnering: The MAGIC Formula™ – The 5 Core Sets of Practices Observed in High Functioning Families, Work Teams, Relationships and Organizations

The Living Life Series™ – A 10-Part Program Focused On Character Building & Enhancing Wellbeing

Know Your Self to Be Powerful And Use Your Power Well (KY2BP™)
Designed specifically for kids (adolescent through college-age) who sense the importance of personal leadership, who are curious about what it means to see themselves as a leader, who want to know who they are and what they stand for, and who have a desire to move powerfully into young adulthood in a structured, safe and courageous environment. This workshop series is facilitated by a certified coach, in the company of peers and with parent/guardian support where indicated and/or required.  Each series (1, 2, and 3) comprises 6-8, two-hour sessions, typically conducted weekly (timing, duration and frequency can be negotiated to fit specific, local needs).  The primary series incorporates a modified version of the “Core Work -Out™” used in adult, one-on-one coaching and includes the “Personal Mapping System™.” Participants learn, experience and practice core coaching, interpersonal and leadership skills. KY2BP™ encourages self-awareness, self-confidence, self-responsibility and self-maturity and higher levels of leadership. It helps to prepare these kids to be better and stronger leaders in their own lives and, as a result, in our communities. This program is designed in a series, to be taken in order.

KY2BP™ 1: It’s All about Me
KY2BP™ 2: It’s All about We—You and Me
KY2BP™ 3: It’s All about Us (Building a Global Community)

Women in Transition (WIT™)—How Good Can You Stand It?

Calling all working women! Are you ready to put yourself first? By engaging in this workshop you are investing in a process that helps you to pause, reflect and answer the question “What’s Next?” with clarity, confidence and conviction. This program includes the “Core Work -Out™” and “Personal Mapping System™” and focuses on deepening the learning about who you’ve been, who you are and who you’re becoming. With an emphasis on clarifying what you want, stating it out loud and making it happen, this workshop supports you in building and executing do-able action plans and opens the doors to dreaming big.  This program can easily be applied to Men In Transition—How Good Can You Stand It? This program comprises 6, 2-hour sessions, typically conducted weekly (timing, duration and frequency can be negotiated to fit specific, local needs).

Just One Thing (JOT™)—Focus and Go Deep – A Key To Mastery
Missing the passion and purpose in your office or team? Looking for an antidote for burnout on a long project? Time to refocus? Have members of your team “quit and stayed” and are they taking the team down with them?  This two-part program ignites work teams and/or groups (for profit, not-for-profit) to rejuvenate their work. You’ll revisit your collective purpose, clarify roles and responsibilities, design accountability, redesign communication practices, learn the importance of celebrating along the way, and recover the motivation and inspiration needed to succeed—all the while producing the desired results. Remember, purpose, aligned with values, and coupled with action is the path to performance enhancement.

Part 1: Brainstorming and Clarifying Core Issues
Fully immersed in an experience of deep democracy, team members are challenged to identify operating assumptions, key patterns and themes, core behaviors, and the perspective the team has been in. You are guided through fierce conversations and encouraged to reconnect you’re your purpose, your values and your desired outcomes. You are encouraged to intentionally choose new perspectives. An action plan is developed. Hot issues identified during the process are documented, referred and tracked for specific “off-line” follow up.

Part 2: Interpersonal Communications Training
By learning and practicing one key relationship-building skill at a time, every team member will build stronger interpersonal and leadership skills, immediately applicable to relationships of all kinds, from the corporation to the kitchen. This work is not about thick binders, long lectures or too much time away from the real work. It’s about laughter, light bulb moments and learning through fun, repetition, relevance, practical application and focus—just one skill, just one thing, at a time. It’s magical.

Core skills emphasized:
Defining a shared purpose, agreeing on roles and responsibilities, learning how to play your position, developing accountability structures, brainstorming, naming arcs (beginnings, middles and endings), identifying issues and opportunities, establishing agreements, goal-setting, asking powerful questions, checking assumptions, acknowledging v. complimenting, giving and receiving actionable and useful feedback in a way it can be heard, and listening on various levels.

Matters of Feedback™ – A Powerful Model For Giving Feedback In A Way That It Can Be Heard & Acted Upon
Our emotional brains kick in when feedback is about to be given. Our instincts take over and the fight, flight or freeze responses kick in. After all, we have to brace ourselves for the danger, right? It’s about survival, right? Well, feedback gets a bad wrap and those who give it get a bad wrap too. Often, they break into a sweat almost as bad as their recipients. This course, typically a ½-day program will help participants learn a powerful model for giving and receiving feedback, one that has respect, enhanced performance and a desire to inspire, expand and grow a person at its center. Whether you’re giving feedback to your child, your spouse, an employee, your neighbor or your manager, you will be heard and they will be glad you cared enough to share in a way works, that affirms and honors the relationship and each person, and that is aligned with an overarching intention. If we were betting people, we imagine that you will look forward to getting feedback by the time you are done!

Desperate Requests: Interpersonal & Relational Skill Building™ – The 7 Key Interpersonal Skills Every Person, Parent, Leader Should Know & Master
Diana Sterling, in her book, Parent As Coach©, shares a poem she created in response to hundreds of hours spent working with teens and bringing coaching into high schools. The poem, entitled A Message To Parents, highlights the seven desperate requests of teens, what they want and need most from their parents. When these requests are honored, they feel loved, empowered, emboldened and more prepared to enter and succeed in an adult world. What we’ve found is that, like our teens, adults have a deep need to be seen, heard and validated as well. Adults are feeling as isolated and as vulnerable as the teens in their homes and in their midst. Somewhere along the way, we lost touch with the core, relational skills and behaviors that build character and strengthen relationships even in the midst of disagreements and tough times. We have adapted Diana’s work for use with adults in both professional and personal settings. This program can be delivered in seven, separate modules or in ½ or full-day programs. The skills are universal and apply in any setting or context, at work or at home or in the community. It should be required of all school aged kids and their parents. Learning and practicing these interpersonal skills and integrating them into your DNA and the fabric of your life will change your life and every relationship you are in for the better forever, beginning with the one with your self.

Essential Partnering: The MAGIC Formula™ – The 5 Core Sets of Practices Observed in High Functioning Families, Work Teams, Relationships and Organizations

Leo Tolstoy said, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
Every family, within a home, at work or in the community, no matter how great it is, how effective its leaders, or how well things are working now, is vulnerable to decline, especially today. Every parent, no matter how hard s/he has tried to control his/her environment is vulnerable to internal forces, external factors, stress of all sorts, and societal shifts and trends. No matter how successful they have been at raising their children to date, parents are constantly competing for the hearts and minds of their children. No matter how successful corporations have been, they are constantly competing for the hearts and minds of the best employees and customers. The competition is fierce, unrelenting and “on,” 24/7. 21st century parents and leaders are exhausted. So, what are they to do?

Well, we have good news! As a result of over two, combined decades of work with many families, adolescents and work teams that were thriving and many that were in crisis, we have observed the following: No matter what the circumstances, challenges or make-up of the family unit, successful, high functioning and genuinely happy families and teams have five sets of (excellent parenting and/or partnering) practices, in common.         These practices are observable, consistently present and reproducible, which means they can be taught, learned and applied by you in the context of your world and in service of your desires: to be the best parent you can be, to have more harmony in your home, work place and core relationships, to build and lead a happy, healthy family or work team of your own, and to successfully develop your leadership pipeline or launch your kids into the world. These excellent parenting/partnering practices are taught in our system called: The World Class Partnering & Parenting MAGIC Formula™, where M stands for Mindset, A stands for Agreements, G stands for Guiding Principles, I stands for Influence, and C stands for Creating Sacred Connections. These represent sets of practices that have universal value and application and that, when learned, honed, integrated and present, have the ability to enhance performance and enhance lives in ways you’ve barely dared to imagine.

This is a six-part workshop series, which includes these five modules and a kick-off module designed to orient participants, conduct and incorporate assessments, set the tone and do basic training to enhance the process during the content modules. Ideally, each part is delivered in a ½ day setting, conducted once a week, in order to make time for learning and for practicing and integrating the learning. There are as many ways to deliver this material as ideas you have.

The Living Life Series™ – A 10-Part Program Focused On Character Building & Enhancing Well Being

  1. Choice Management – Control Your Choices/Control Your Life (to the extent any of us really has control) – Acquire valuable tips and tools to manage time and activities for a less hectic life.
  2. Stress Is Not A Four Letter Word! – Learn the truth about stress, its origins, and how to manage it to healthy levels. There is such a thing as productive tension – we want this!
  3. What Do You Stand For? – Part I – Where do your beliefs come from that drive your behavior? Gain insights into how to harness their power.
  4. What Do You Stand For? – Part II – Receive tools to help you identify your guiding principles that will set your standard for living a life of balance and vitality.
  5. Supercharge Your Life! Become Your Own “Chief Energy Officer” – Learn the science of energy renewal, eliminate fatigue, increase productivity, and re-engage in a more effective way.
  6. “No” Is A Complete Sentence – It Doesn’t Require An Explanation – Learning how to say NO in a YES culture will build a foundation for self-discipline, self-respect, and other traits that lead to a happy and more productive life.
  7. Less Is The New More – Here we question the ethic of more, bigger, faster that creates a narrow, shallow, and short-term form of satisfaction.
  8. Work And Personal Satisfaction – Do you have a job, a career, or a calling and how does this affect your total wellbeing?
  9. Positive Psychology And Total Wellbeing – The science of positive psychology proves that there is a direct connection between our state of mind and our total wellbeing. Learn why and how it is possible to shift both.
  10. Yes Virginia, It’s All About The Environment! – Achieving career, social, financial, physical, and community wellbeing hinges on the environment you choose to create utilizing all of the tools from the Living Life Series. They’re all brought together here.

We can deliver the entire series at once or one module at a time, as desired.

Pricing for these seminars and workshops follows the standard rates for consulting and speaking engagements unless otherwise posted or negotiated.  To learn more or to register for a workshop, please contact us today.

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