Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Dori Klass & Associates, Inc. (DKA) is a thriving coaching and leadership development consultancy committed to serving individuals and businesses interested in leading at a higher level. DKA is especially focused on partnering with parents to help them become parent leaders and be intentional about bringing leadership development into the home. Together, we transform lives, families and work teams through consciousness, love and meaningful action. Together, we are creating a global community filled servant leaders committed to taking meaningful action, nurturing life, doing no harm and achieving worthwhile goals.

Our Mission

Dori Klass & Associates, Inc. is a coaching and leadership development consultancy devoted to helping people lead at higher levels, beginning in the home. Companies, leaders, educators and parents will develop into genuine and mature leaders who engage with their children/constituents and inspire them to pursue the highest within themselves. They do this both by their teaching and by their example. We support them by:

1.  Delivering signature, personal discovery and leadership development programs to parents, educators, industry and community leaders, adolescents and young adults via:

  • One-On-One Coaching
  • Group and/or Family Coaching and Leadership Development Consulting
  • Self-Study Modules

2.  Delivering custom, leadership development programs.

3.  Developing corporate and/or organizational sponsors.  Partnering with organizations, school systems and businesses to sponsor our efforts to reach as many kids as possible in all 50 of our United States and beyond with our leadership program for kids, focused on adolescents through young adults – all of them represent our leadership pipeline. Bringing KY2BP (Know Yourself to be PowerfulAnd Use Your Power Well™) to our children, organizations and businesses will help us and these kids to create the conditions necessary to thrive in life and in work, beginning at a young age, when it is much easier to set them up for success and prepare them not only to survive but also to thrive. These kids will bring these life leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, and experiences with them into the rest of life sooner, more capably and with the heart of a steward. As a result, they will be better prepared to know themselves and use their power well, to lead consciously, and to be in service in ways that make every encounter count and that honor and promote the worth and dignity of every person they are privileged to know and impact. Helping them to find peace within at an early age will enable them to build better relationships, families, work teams and communities; they will become, in their day-to-day living and working, instruments of peace.

4.  Delivering interactive speaking engagements to groups of people, large or small, who are interested in learning to lead at a higher level – and, creating related videos and podcasts that serve as teaching vehicles and are easy to distribute to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

5.  Writing – capturing our programs in age-appropriate, relevant and well-designed written formats and making these available in multiple languages. These formats may include: books and e-books, blogs and newsletters, conversation starter story & discussion guide series (home, work, community), articles