Our Values

We share many values with the various communities in which we actively participate. Beyond that, we encourage every client we work with to explore his or her core values, which may differ from those they share with others. A powerful shift happens in our lives when we know who we are, what we stand for and what we value. Knowing this, coupled with a clear sense of what’s important, is a key to personal wellbeing and healthy decision-making. Interestingly, what we’ve found is that people have very little difficulty making decisions when they have to choose between “right” and “wrong.” It is much more challenging to choose, stay the course, and resist competition for our hearts, minds, time and energy, when we have to choose between “right” and “right.” Knowing what we value makes decision-making much easier and cleaner and provides the motivation to stay the course.

Our Core Values – “Our Top 5” – and what they mean to us are:

  1. Mastery: This is about being a lifelong learner and moving through life in a learning mindset. It’s about endeavoring to fully integrate all we know and have learned to date, and it’s about becoming more conscious, mature, accepting and self-responsible and curious as individuals and in relationships and in community. This is about always striving for growth, aliveness and alignment.
  2. Sacred: This is about love and compassion, acceptance and curiosity. It is about consciously choosing to nurture life every day. This is about learning to begin in love and assume the best, first. This is about connection and respect, for life, family and community in all of its forms. This is about having faith in and a reverence for the mysteries in life. This is about affirming, honoring and promoting the worth and dignity of each individual and living creature while also honoring and building beloved communities.
  3. Tangy: This is about paradox and learning to recognize, be with and sit in the heart of the paradoxes of life—the sweet with the sour, the good with the bad, the pleasure with the pain, the joy with the sorrow. This is about honoring our elders as well as our youth.
  4. Brilliant: This is about illuminating, amplifying and celebrating our respective gifts and strengths, and bearing witness to one another in our processes of becoming whole and more fully expressed. This is about creating safe and courageous spaces for each one of us to grow, learn and shine. This is about building healthy relationships, one conversation at a time, and shifting our focus to what’s right with you, me and us.
  5. Strong: This is about seeing ourselves as leaders in our own lives, at the very least, and doing whatever is necessary to become strong, to heal, to learn, to grow and to bring our gifts forward and this is about encouraging this in others. This is about turning our gifts into strengths and applying them in service of those who we are best suited to serve. This is about recognizing that there is strength and aliveness in vulnerability and it’s about recovering the capacity to be vulnerable. This is about becoming a servant leader.